“Taylor Made”

You’d be horrified to show up at a job interview wearing a suit that you had tried to make fit with tape and safety pins, yet when it comes to software, too many IT departments resign themselves to kludging off-the-shelf applications.

There’s a better way, a way that aligns to your business needs, rather than forcing your business rules to squeeze into the confines of preset commercial applications.

For nearly two decades, TaylorMade Software has created custom approaches to business challenges, ranging from modernizing legacy code to writing original algorithms that enable down-to-the-penny actuarial calculations for commercial loan origination.  We’re known for being on-time, on-budget, and unafraid to take on the seemingly “impossible.”

Our strengths include, but are not limited to:

    • Microsoft C#.Net & VB.Net, C++, Delphi, and Java programming languages
    • Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, and Interbase databases
    • Web and Mobile Design with ASP.NET, Xamarin, HTML, CSS and Java Script
    • Software and Enterprise Architecture
    • Applied Mathematics of Science, Finance and Predictive Analytics
    • US Military Clearances: Secret

Based on those strengths, we can perform a wide variety of services for your business. Just for starters, we can provide:


.Net and Oracle Development

TaylorMade Software team members are widely recognized as the .Net and Oracle development experts. We’re equally good at integrating .Net with all other major database platforms. Our team has worked in .Net since it was first introduced; we now have over 12 years of in-depth .Net experience. We began working with Oracle databases in the 1990s, and have spent nearly two decades developing, implementing and perfecting Oracle solutions and writing conversions between Oracle and other database platforms.

Mobile Apps and eCommerce

eCommerce applications have to work on an ever-expanding range of mobile devices, from tablets to phones to watches, and undoubtedly even smaller and more portable form factors. TaylorMade Software can help you display your goods and services correctly, and process transactions securely, quickly, and accurately, across a wide range of screen sizes, processor and memory chips, programming languages, operating systems, and bandwidths.

Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics

Everyone knows there are tremendous competitive advantages to be found buried deep in data, but not everyone knows how to unearth their power. At TaylorMade Software, we’re thoroughly fluent in R, the statistical programming language, enabling us to do deep dive business case analysis and modeling. With expert applied mathematicians on our team, we can also go far beyond R to create novel algorithms and applications that can solve the most computationally intense challenges and give you the answers to increase your business.

Delphi – Modernization and Maintenance

As experienced Delphi developers, we feel Delphi’s decline in popularity was never a reflection of its flexibility and power, but rather its misfortunes in the marketplace. As those with knowledge of Delphi grow fewer in number, it’s become important for enterprises to convert legacy Delphi projects into modern development platforms. TaylorMade Software has certified Delphi developers on staff who have experience with every version released back to Turbo Pascal. We have updated Delphi to work with mobile devices, .NET applications, or .NET assemblies to work with Delphi and converted Delphi applications to .NET. We can maintain or modernize your valuable Delphi assets.

At TaylorMade Software, we value the Agile Process. In accordance with its principles, we believe:

  • Working software is the primary measure of progress.
  • Good designs are simple.

In short, we won’t waste your money—or your time. We’ll keep meetings brief, and deliver clean code so well-written that you can read it like a book.